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Should I have my carpets dry cleaned or steam cleaned?

There are many factors that determine what method you should use. Carpet dry cleaning is a surface clean, which only cleans the top of the carpet and is best suited to cleaning low-pile carpet and carpet that is in good condition. Steam cleaning is the most thorough form of cleaning, from the base of the carpet to the top. It is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. We carry both dry and steam cleaning systems in our vehicles and after inspection we can advise you on which system is more suitable for your needs.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

To ensure a healthy living environment and the long life of your carpets, most carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned every 12 months.

Do carpets become dirty again very quickly after being cleaned?

Yes, this can happen when a carpet cleaner uses detergent to clean your carpet and does not rinse it thoroughly, leaving a sticky residue within the carpet, which attracts dirt. We avoid this problem by pre-spraying your carpet with the correct cleaner for your carpet type, then rinsing out the cleaner to leave your carpets clean and residue-free.

How long does it take to dry?

With carpet dry cleaning it can take between 15 minutes to an hour. With carpet steam cleaning, it can take from two to six hours. Airflow and humidity have an impact on the length of time it takes to dry. Driers can be supplied to speed up the drying process or you can simply leave the carpet overnight before you walk on it or take off your shoes.

Do I need to move my furniture?

Most carpet cleaners will move furniture such as sofas, chairs and tables. It is advisable you remove any breakable items and knick-knacks, including items from inside cabinets, magazine racks, and bookshelves.

Will all the stains be removed?

Our technicians are highly trained professionals. They use a special range of cleaning solutions. However, some stains may have set, which means they could be permanent. So we can't guarantee we'll be able to remove every mark but the stain's intensity will hopefully be reduced.