Great Lakes Carpet Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive leather cleaning service. This is a safe, no mess, no fuss service whereby a leather cleanser is applied to remove all soiling from the surface of the hide. This is a time-consuming process, completed by hand to ensure your valuable soft furnishings are restored to as close to new as possible.

When the leather has been professionally cleaned and restored a refinishing cream and protective coating is applied to further enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear, tear and spills.

Our qualified technicians use a thorough three-step process on leather lounges:

  1. You will receive a professional clean of the full surface of the leather,
  2. Deep moisturisation,
  3. Re-sealing of the leather with the highest quality leather protection.

Leather cleaning adds years to the life of hide furnishings. Leather manufacturers recommend proper cleaning and a protection treatment every six months to extend the quality of your furniture and prevent premature cracking, peeling and colour loss.

Leather must be treated carefully using only the proper products. At Great Lakes Taree Carpet Cleaning we know how to maintain your furniture to keep it in excellent condition. We provide a leather-care program, which is a total care and maintenance package designed specifically for each particular piece of furniture.

Our cleaning procedure includes the removal of spots, stains and dust. Plus, we apply an important aftercare solution, which acts like a specialised moisturiser to keep the leather soft and flexible and help prevent it from drying out.